About me

Being a poor kid raised in inner city, I quickly realized that I could achieve financial success with the principles I was taught. Think about it, how many places could I have gone to make a six figure income with only a high school education? 


Within six months of entering the real estate business, I was averaging a consistent 10 deals monthly. Yes, I put the hours into building my business. I practiced, drilled and also rehearsed scripts to become a top sales person. There I was, a 23 year old kid making more money than ever before in my family. I had houses, nice cars, Jewelry , maid service , and more.


Was I happy? No, the financial success did not make me happy. My Life was totally out of balance. Therefore, I began to sabotage myself by not attending training any longer, I was no longer prospecting and I was not having a consistent work schedule.


This started my financial break down. I went from a financial success to a financial mess. I can recall the day I was trying to get back on track, I remember hearing a message by Anthony Robbins. In that message, Anthony Robbins said, “What you get in your life will never make you happy, but who you become will create happiness for a lifetime.” Those words sparked my true passion and desire to encourage others with my life's testimony, if I can as a poor kid from the inner city, I know you can. 


Today, I’m 53 and happily married with a family. I’m a real estate broker of a national virtual real estate company, trainer and life coach as well.  My passion in Real Estate is really helping agents have a successful and not a stressful life as a real estate agent. Along my journey I learned my life as a Real Estate Agent must be balanced like the four legs of a chair; Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Financial.  If one of those chair legs are out of balance the chair will lean or fall over. Over my 30 years , I have seen many good real estate agents fall from the real estate. Therefore, I have made it my mission to serve agents with real estate agent resources to help them succeed,  Real Estate Agent Life Group.                             


  Whoever wants to be great must become a servant. - Matthew 20:26